My diffuser is connected to my HVAC system and the Oil is dripping outside of the bottle accumulating in a pool at the base of the oil canister. How can I fix this?


There are 2 possible reasons this could be happening.

  • Check that the direction of the hose inserted into the HVAC duct is facing in the same direction as the airflow.  This is so the scent travels with the airflow and not against it.   If the hose opens into the airflow, the force of the air will cause backflow to the unit which can lead to leaks and other issues.

  • If the above doesn't solve your problem, we recommend creating a makeshift "P-trap" in the hose to prevent the backflow into your diffuser.  The easy way to do this is by creating a loop in the hose.  

P-Trap Loop Example: 

P-Trap Insert Location: